Group Violin/Pedagogy


Below are further opportunities for performance and growth at all levels.  Pre-College students should attend all classes at their level.  SU Prep teachers should attend Beginner and Advanced Beginner classes.

Advanced Studio Events

For Dr. Wiley’s pre-college students beyond Suzuki Book 4

FEE:  $50 (Cadets exempt)

Saturday, 1/24  District Cram Session 2:00-4:00 (SU)

Saturday, 2/7  3:30  Studio Class for Longs, Kims, Tessa, Hannah

Sunday, 2/22 Region Cram Session  3:00-5:00 (JSW’s)

Sunday, 3/8  Studio Class 3:00 (JSW’s)

Beginner - Intermediate Classes

Open to students studying privately through the SU Prep and students studying with Dr. Wiley

Suzuki Books 1-3

FEE:  $40 (for year)

Mondays, 1/26, 2/23, 3/16

Post-Twinkle-Early Book 1  4:15-4:45

Late Book 1-Book 3 4:45-5:30

Congratulations to our Beginner Class graduates!  Welcome to our new student-teacher teams!

Emily and Rhyla

Natalie and Mason

Sydney and Graham

Tori and Elisa

with veteran teacher Susan