Busy October

So much has happened this month! Here are some of my favorite photos of students who just wanna have fun: Tori and Briana collapse on break during SVC rehearsal (long week! right before Fall break and they'd already had SU Orch that day). And Sarah and Tessa relax after their lovely recital, for which they were stressed out- meaning they are growing up. I started chemo the same weekend as the SVC gig and it was so nice to be surrounded by sweet students and colleagues during that time. The same day as Sarah and Tessa's recital, we had a master class with Natalie Shaw, from the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble. Here are some group photos from the recital and master class: Isaiah gets special

Our Creek and the Cancer Journey

I've been searching for a metaphor to help me get through this cancer journey I find myself on. A friend of mine who's a breast cancer survivor said she thought of it as a river. Before I had my port installed yesterday I was imagining a dark river at night that I was being pushed into- so much unknown. The port was the beginning of this murky journey. But then yesterday morning I was looking at our retreat photos for courage and I shifted my metaphor to our creek. You get in the tube and look up. Some years the creek's high and you get a smooth, fast ride. Other years it's low and there are a lot of bumps on the way, places you have to work hard to keep yourself moving. But the sce