Isabelle's Crossword, HSO trip

I've decided to post Isabelle's original crossword that she made as a stand-partner ice breaker for SU Strings. I asked for a little questionnaire and she made this! What could be better? I took some violin and composition students to the Harrisburg Symphony concert last week. Chi Yun played a great Sibelius Concerto and then, for Valentine's Day, this sweet unaccompanied arrangement of John Lennon's "Yesterday". David T Little (of Composer Encounter fame- and many other post SU successes) had a piece on the program: Studio mates in audience, Tori, Paige, Isaiah:

Laura Eis Pedagogy Workshop, Group Classes and Master Class

It was great to have Laura Eis return to SU (her alma mater) for a Book 1 Cram Session/luncheon with SU Prep teachers! In attendance: Briana, Sydney B, Isaiah, Valerie, Madeline, Liz, Jennie, Emily. We then joined Laura for group classes with our Beginner-Advanced Beginner students! We played lots of fun games, including the Marshmallow Bow Hold game. At the end, Laura had promised to show the students a photo of a violin that had been run over by a car. Then we all moved to Stretansky Hall for a master class. Brendan played Telemann G major concerto, Sophia played Fiocco Allegro, and Kyra played Seitz g minor concerto. Laura worked so well with them and they performed beautifully! A