Making our voices heard

It's not often that church youth group and violin studio intersects. But it was fun to learn that Sarah would be riding the same bus to "March for our Lives" this weekend! I was proud when I saw her photo in the paper this morning! It was exciting to be in Washington DC with 800,000 others, 1 of whom is a lovely violinist who has been my student since she was 7. I expect great things of her and will miss her a lot when she graduates! I'll miss my son, too. Here we are, below. Same rally, different location:

February Fun

So much happened this month, I decided to post a gallery. Loved our quartet recital, my Gilbert & Sullivan medley was performed twice, Renée & Hannah did well at Districts, my teacher from Oberlin was willing to act in one of my absurd concert dramas, I played a little solo with the SU Orchestra which people liked, people I asked to participate in things did so with good will. All in all, it was a lucky break!