Seth Rudetsky visits SU

I've been a fan of Seth, who wrote Broadway Nights (read a bunch of times and listened to audio book, too), stars in his own B-way productions, and has gobs of youtube posts in which he "deconstructs" B-way recordings. Our paths crossed at Oberlin where I conducted Rhapsody in Blue with Seth as soloist (he put the whole thing together- I just showed up) and he accompanied one of the pieces on my senior recital. We became friends- he's a genius and he cracked me up- all the time!

This past weekend he gave a master class at SU and did not disappoint. I also learned that he and his husband have been producing Concerts for America programs to benefit things like the NAACP, Domestic Violence, and other noble causes. Proud to know him! Here are some photos from the day he visited.

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