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All about Tori

Every once in awhile a student comes along who has a significant impact on the culture and artistic potential of the school. Tori Hogan fell out of the sky during one of those SU open houses in April, 2013. She hadn't auditioned for a music scholarship so I hadn't met her, but she approached me, saying she played violin. I brought her into my office where she proceeded to play Vivaldi's Winter from memory. Good energy, and a winning personality. Her addition to the orchestra and department instantly brightened the atmosphere. All other students have been drawn to her as a friend and colleague for 4 years. One of her peers remarked, "I don't know how we'll replace her." Well, we won't. Others will come along but Tori's musical and personal presence was unique and significant. We'll miss you, Tori! And we know a bright future awaits!

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