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I've been meaning to create a new Blog post, incorporating a number of recent student accomplishments. The 4th of July seems like a good theme! Audra attended a Penn State chamber music workshop for a couple of days recently and showed her independence by beautifully preparing the 2nd violin part of a Mozart quartet movement.

The following week, Audra, Olin, Caleb, and Isabelle attended that huge orchestra camp in Phili with members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. It was a drama in real life as Isabelle learned she'd made the "Gold Orchestra" with a demanding maestro, REALLY HARD rep (Tchaik R&J, Brahms Academic Fest Overture) AND most of the students had been there for a week already AND she had to audition for chair placement. Enter Grace Kenny who happened to be visiting during one of my FaceTime's with Isabelle. We started an assembly line of texted excerpts, printing, fingering, video recording.

Isabelle was totally composed and can-do. She showed her independence. Grace showed her earned skills and independent thinking as a Bachelor's of Music from St. Olaf in making great recordings for a studio chum in need!

Olin reported that his new friends from the festival included guys from Hong Kong and Hungary. Now that's independence! In fact, Audra informed me that he even had his own room while at the festival!

Caleb reportedly served as Principal Second of the Silver Orchestra but this has yet to be confirmed! (Only a very Independent player can lead the second violins.) I'm sure he'll have profound things to say at his next lesson.

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