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PMEA Festivals 2022!

Amidst dire weather predictions, the team of students made it through both Region festivals: Harry in Scranton, Brendan, Katie, Kyra & Isabelle in Dallastown where they learned they didn't need to have practiced 1st movement of Borodin after all (?!). Reportedly, Brendan sat Principal 2nd for the initial reading. Isabelle landed 3rd chair. Kyra loved her seating where she headed up the 2nd row of 1sts- perfect spot! Congrats to all on a challenging weekend, rubbing shoulders with some great players in our region. (Below is Brendan at the Regional Festival in Dallastown.)

THIS JUST IN: Isabelle selected for All State 2022! Back in January, it was gratifying to learn of successful District festivals happening all around the state on Friday, 1/14! After such a long hiatus, students finally met to play with other schools, guest conductors, and of course supported by their teachers. It was a bit of a nail-biter for Harry, whose school locked down right before the District 9 festival!

At first Wyoming Seminary wasn't going to let students attend the festival, but they relented and swept all Principal spots, including Harry who made Principal Second!

Meanwhile, in District 8, what a thrill it was to show up at the AM rehearsal and see Isabelle Kim sitting Concertmaster. After that joy, I noticed the super energies and contributions of our other students, Katie (3rd chair 2nd violin), Kyra (4th chair 1st violin), and Brendan (5th chair 1st violin). All 5 students moving on to Regionals!


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