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The state of play in June, 2021

We seem to be heading into some real, in person events now! Our annual recital was a success (albeit hot) in Hufnagle Park. Here's a photo of Sorley sporting her 45-Day Practice Challenge button. This was a new initiative just to give a tiny push at the end of a challenging year! Everyone played so well, and the practicing paid off!

In other news, the Lewisburg school orchestras gave a strong finish to the year! I managed to get photos of Katie, Kyra, and Isabelle all in one photo at the HS concert at Central Park Heights. Then, on a blistering hot day, 7th graders Audra & Canyon comprised the 1st violin section in front of the bleachers at the track.

Meanwhile, in South Korea, Hasong visited the island of Jeju just off the coast. They flew there from Seoul.

And here are some of Nogin, Chong Min, and Hasong's adventures! This statue is one of the "Dol Hareubangs" found on Jeju island, said to bring fertility and protection from demons traveling between realities. You can see Hasong's reverent reaction to these unique artifacts.

Back in the US, Sorley's heading out to Wyoming, but couldn't resist playing Handel's Bourree in the Badlands on the way!


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