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Useful Tools for Private Violin Teachers of all Levels!

made available by Jennifer Sacher Wiley,

supported by Susquehanna University

Congratulations to Beginner Class Graduates!
Susquehanna University Prep & Violin Pedagogy program Fall 2023
Beginner-Advanced Beginner Lessons

Some of these lessons were recorded over Zoom, some in person.  Watch for additions!

Video lengths 1 minute-20 minutes

Rep from Pre-Twinkle - Gavotte from "Mignon"

• How-to "lectures" 

• Staged "lessons" with student helpers

• Interactive technique ("Technique Teach-Me")

For teachers OR Advanced Beginners/Early Intermediates

Suzuki Books 2-3 

Sally O'Reilly's Fiddle Magic/Fiddle Rhythms

Sevcik Op. 2, Book 1

Scales (email Jennifer Sacher Wiley for scale copies)

Recorded by Jennifer Sacher Wiley (amateur pianist)

Some recordings by Jaime Namminga (professional)

Tempos are student friendly (also notice handy tempo adjuster on track!).  


Over 100 tracks available from "Twinkle Recital" to Wieniawski Scherzo-Tarantella  More tracks added periodically!  Or email Jennifer Sacher Wiley with specific requests. 

Student Tutorials

Technique + solos, all levels

• Pre-recorded play-along tutorials

Spontaneous recordings made during a Zoom lesson

• Violin recorded solos over accompaniment track

Fiddle Rhythms & Magic

Scales (1-3 octaves)

Schradieck, Sevcik Op. 8 & Op. 9


Kreutzer #7
Collé Examples
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