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Jennifer Sacher Wiley 

Student/Alumni Achievements

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Big Gigs

and Contest Awards

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Concerto Winners

College & Community 

PMEA Honors

Isabelle Kim CM of District 8, All State 2022 & 2023!

PMEA All State

Kyra Binney 2021!

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EYO Conductor!

Laura Eis, Prep Orch Director

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Recording Artist!

Grace Kenny's albums published with Band Camp

2020 SU Awards

Big Year for graduating violinist seniors!

PMEA All Staters

2022 & 2023 Isabelle Kim

2021 Kyra Binney

2016 Sarah Reif

2015 Irene Ganahl, Jenna Swartz

2013 Grace Kenny

2011 Colleen Mahoney

2008 Drake Bailey, Lara Ciaccio, Sadie Kenny

2006 Meagan Boehret

2003 Sarah Hamm

2001 Jason Hurwitz

PMEA Festival Orchestra Principal & Assistant Principal Players


2023 Assistant Concertmaster, Central Region: Isabelle Kim

2022 & 2023 Concertmaster District 8:  Isabelle Kim

2023 Assistant Concertmaster, District 8:  Matthew He

2022 & 2023 Principal 2nd District 9:  Harry Feng

2020 2nd place District 9:  Harry Feng

2018 & 2019 Assistant Concertmaster, District 8: Renée Long

2016 Principal 2nd District 8: Sarah Reif

2015 Principal & Asst Prin 2nd Central Region: Irene Ganahl, Jenna Swartz

2014 Concertmaster District 8:  Irene Ganahl

2011 Principal 2nd: Colleen Mahoney

2008 CM, Asst. CM, Prin 2nd District 8 Sadie Kenny, Lara Ciaccio, Drake Bailey

2002 Concertmaster District 8: Jason Hurwitz

2001 Concertmaster District 8: Jason Hurwitz

Concerto Competitions 

2023 Baldwin Wallace, Renée Long, Barber Concerto

2022 Susquehanna University, Rebecca Gideon, Bach E Major

2011 Ithaca College Sadie Kenny, Ravel Tsigane

2010 Susquehanna University, Christa Conway Mozart G major

2009 Williamsport Symphony Orch Runner up, Lara Ciaccio Lalo

2002 Williamsport Symph Orch Runner up Sarah Hamm Kabalevsky

1996 Central College, Benjamin Roberts, Vitali Chaconne

Significant Performance Positions & Contest Winners

Concertmaster, W-port Symph Youth Orch 2023: Canyon Swartzentruber

Concertmaster, York Youth Symphony 2022-2023: Isabelle Kim

Conductor, Eastern Youth Orchestra Prep Orch: Laura Eis

Concertmaster, Northern Tier Symphony: Sarah Hamm

Concertmaster, West Shore Symphony Orch: Margeaux Katz-Sgrignoli

Bloomsburg University Solo Competition 2014:  Irene Ganahl winner

Cirque Dreams, Atlantic City:  Jason Hurwitz violinist

Williamsport Music Club Competition 2009: Drake Bailey winner

Phyllis Triolo Competition 2008:  Lara Ciaccio 3rd place

Barrage 2006-2010: Jason Hurwitz violinist

Williamsport Music Club Competition 2000:  Jason Hurwitz winner

Susquehanna University 2020 Awards

Madeline Birk, PMEA Excellence in Student Teaching

Paige Drews, Secondary Education Award

Briana Heinly SU Academic Excellence in Music

Stephanie Shirk SAI Scholastic College Honors

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