some history and reflections

My house growing up was a rich musical environment.  I was immersed in song and opera.

Cedar Grove, NJ had a string program in the public schools, run by Sally Potosky.  She was charismatic and I signed up!

At Oberlin College I conducted student-directed opera productions and developed my zeal for string quartet playing.

My first job was with a string quartet & orchestra  in Sioux Falls, SD.  I looked up to my 20-something colleagues so much!  The violist in my quartet, Mary Harris, taught me how to teach beginners and I was hooked.

Over the years, the ebb and flow of playing, conducting, and teaching has been gratifying, like riding waves at the ocean.  I consistently seek new sources of inspiration.




Download JSW's arrangement of Hanukkah songs for unaccompanied violin
(5-minutes duration)
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Violin Pedagogy Family Tree

Nancy Clarke
Gregory Fulkerson
James Buswell
Sally O'Reilly
Karen Tuttle
Dorothy DeLay
Ivan Galamian
William Primrose 
Louis Capet 
Eugene Ysaÿe