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Violin Pedagogy MUSC: 399:01

Mondays, 4:15-5:15

Zoom Meetings

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Sorley lesson 4.17.2020

Prep for 4/6 Zoom session

A. Complete "Technique Teach Me" Videos:  Sevcik Op. 2, Vibrato

B. Sarah, Emily, Rebecca prepare presentation

4/6  Zoom group session:  4:15-5:15

Lesson with Sorley

Learning together: Early Shifting, Fiddle Magic

Sara, Emily, Rebecca "Teacher Family Tree"


Prep for 4/13 Zoom session

A. Watch Lecture Videos: "Perlman Concertino", "Great Gavottes:  Becker & Bach"

B. Watch “Teaching Donkey Doodle” with Canyon

C. Darian & Lani prepare presentation

4/13 Zoom group session: 4:15-5:15

Lesson with Sorley

Learning together:  Skye Boat Song

Darian & Lani "Friendships and Rivalry in Music School, Virtual and Face-to-Face"

Prep for 4/20 Zoom session

A. Watch Lecture Video: Bach "Bourrée

B. Johnny & Briana prepare presentation

4/20 Zoom group session: 4:15-5:15

Lesson with Sorley

Learning together:  Huber Concertino

Briana & Johnny:  Alexander Technique & Physiology of Violinists

Remaining Presentation Dates

4/27 Isaiah, Madeline, & Caitlyn

 Video List with Links 
For 3/30
Humoresque with Audra
Technique Teach: Ascending 2 Octave Scales
Technique Teach: FIddle Rhythms Favorites
Technique Teach: Low 1 Scales
For 4/6
Technique Teach: Vibrato
Technique Teach: Sevcik Op. 2 Bowings
For 4/13
Donkey Doodle with Canyon

Updated Class Checklist, (points remaining)

(Points earned so far: 60)

______ 3 Observations* (30 points each)

______ Research (10 points)

*added one to replace piano requirement

Enriching Videos from Joanna Nelson!
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