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 2024 Studio Retreat!

Week of July 29

Pine Creek just north of Waterville, PA

$50 per night, ($30 day-only) per student + one meal (sign up here)

(checks made payable to "Deanna Boehret")

Retreat 2021
Retreat 2021
Retreat 2021
Retreat 2021

Arrivals & Departures

(Housing arrangements tentative)

Wednesday, 6/22, 3:00  MS & HS girls, SU students, alums 

MAIN CABIN:  Laura/Christa & Luna, Sorley/Julia, Audra, Emily & Emily

Thursday, 6/23 10:00 Boys added, 4:00 (?) Val & Alex arrive

(William & Spencer, Christa & Luna, Sorley, Rachael leaving post campfire)

MAIN CABIN: Laura/ Emily S & Emily E/ Julia & Audra

LOWER CABIN: Val & Alex/Olin/Hasong/Canyon

Friday, 6/24 HS students +

(Emily's, departing post-breakfast, Olin leaving after campfire)

MAIN CABIN:  Laura/Julia & Audra

LOWER CABIN: Val & Alex/Canyon/Hasong

Saturday, 6/25 Retreat ends after breakfast (9:30)

Basic Schedule

Detailed schedule HERE



Move-In 3:00, Studio Class,

Practice, Bike Trail,  Dinner, Studio Class, Campfire, Crafts


Morning scales, Breakfast, Practice, 

10:00/Move-In Studio Class, Practice Partners, Lunch, Creek Studio, Practice Groups, Creek Time, Studio Class in Cabin


Performance Class, Campfire, Crafts


Morning Scales, Breakfast & Departures

Practice, Bike Trail

District 8 Session/Practice Groups

Lunch, Practice, Creek Time (Long float?), Etude Class


Studio Class, Campfire, Crafts


Breakfast, Retreat ends (9:30)

WHAT TO BRING:  Violin, All music/accompaniments, Music Stand, Clothespins, Pencil, Bug Spray, Cash or Check payable to Deanna Boehret, Sun screen, Meal contribution, Sleeping bag, Pillow, (Bottom sheet?) Toiletries, STURDY WATER SHOES, Bathing suit, towel, Bike, Flashlight, (Craft idea?), lawn chair, water bottle, rain gear

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