SU Bridge Quartet

representing Susquehanna University

"Impactful Listening" November 11-12, 2019

U.S. -- Russia

Beethoven --  Jessie Montgomery

We've discovered that students really want to express ideas & ponder the meaning of music.  That's why this year's program intentionally provokes discussion.  We play, we discuss, we play some more.  "Impactful Listening" is about thought and communication.

Possible formats

60-minute program with Impact Groups

Quartet performance, Small Group Discussions (led by quartet), Reports & more music

90-minute program with Impact Groups  (great for combining with a Humanities class!):

Quartet performance, Small Group Discussions (led by quartet and participating teachers), Reports & more music

40-minute traditional program:  Integrated full group discussion with quartet performance

Johanna Hartman Levi 

Violinist, York Symphony, Allegro Chamber Orchestra  Gettysburg Chamber Orchestra

Ofir Tomer

 Artistic Director, Harbor Front Music, Long Island

Andrew Rammon

 Cello Professor, Susquehanna University, Cellist, Eaken Piano Trio

Jennifer Sacher Wiley

 Violin Professor, Susquehanna University

Topics and Repertoire

1. Borodin • Shostakovich 

Two Russian composers, pre and mid Cold War

How do political regimes influence artists?

2. Peter Shickele • Steve Reich

Two American 20th century composers

How can music reflect innocence? Horror? Should art be a response to history/injustice?

3. Florence Price • Jessie Montgomery

Two African American Women Composers

How is their music the same?  How is it different? Is it possible to hear the story of intersectionality in music?

4. Beethoven Op. 18 • Beethoven Op. 130

Two works, before and after deafness

Could a deeper appreciation of Beethoven's affliction lead to empathy for those with disabilities?

2019-2020 Schedule

Thursday, September 12  Jessie Montgomery's "Strum" as part of Women's Music Festival at SU

November 11-12 Tour:  Emmaus HS, Parkland HS

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Scandal concert
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