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Unique Tuesday Perspectives

Yesterday was an unusual Tuesday, rich with different perspectives and accomplishments. The first big discovery of the day was Brendan's perfect pitch! I'd had a suspicion all along, but confirmed it with him identifying my piano notes with "High 2 on E" or "Low 1 on A". This will probably impact what band instrument he plays. We talked about bassoon . . . It's fun to think about the inner workings of my students' minds.

For another perspective on our life here in PA, Joanna and I drove to Port Royal to watch Tessa show her sheep at the Juanita County 4H Fair.

I love this photo of her because she looks so reflective and poised. She showed 3 sheep. In this photo she's being judged for "showmanship". I was really proud of her. Being there was a unique opportunity to engage in our PA culture. An hour's drive through our beautiful countryside (such a privilege!) provides a fresh perspective on my own life of teaching, performing, gardening.

While there, I also caught up with news of Sydney who's in Adelaide, Australia. Her perspective on life and our world has no doubt changed tremendously!

Don't you love the sunlight on her and the kangaroo together? So here are our Bard girls, on the other side of the world from each other, but both with animals. Anyway, I was relieved to hear that Sydney's finally settling after a truly horrendous travel experience!

And then, to give myself yet another perspective, connecting to Sydney in another way, I ended my day with a Skype meeting with staff from the Gondwana Choirs, based in Sydney, Australia. I'm working on creating a Global Opportunities program for our SU students. Planning a site visit there in January! I'm sure Sydney Bard will have lots of advice for me!

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