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Empty Nesting Recital & Studio

In an attempt to fill my empty nest, I surrounded myself with students last weekend. I appreciated their willingness to be here! I played The Lark Ascending on my recital and enjoyed seeing everyone afterwards.

It was nice of Vicky Meneses, SU cellist, to gather all students for a photo and then call out "crazy photo" which, of course, made Hasong spring into action. It's hard enough for him to stand still for a photo when it's supposed to be serious!

Our first Pre-College Studio of the year was on Sunday. Partly inspired by observing the teaching of Elizabeth Faidley ( ) and by having empty bedrooms, and by the fact that most of the kids are pre-HS, I decided to split up the large group into technique and mini-studio class sessions.

The sun finally came out this week and we had some lessons outside. Maybe the last time before May? You have to grab the beautiful days when you get them!

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