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Huckleberry Care Package from Idaho!

It was a great surprise to receive this care package out of the blue from Hannah A, our new studio friend from Coeur D'Alene, Idaho! Were were all asking about what life was like out there, during our first Zoom Studio Mixer, and she mentioned huckleberries. For many of us, ur only exposure to huckleberries was through Sally O'Reilly's Fiddle Rhythms book. Well, lo and behold, they're for real:

Teddy bear came with, too. Hannah said, "Here's a gift from Idaho, filled with many huckleberry treats for you and your students. I love joining your classes and playing with your students!" It was such a delight to receive on a Friday afternoon, that I decided to drive around Lewisburg and deliver. So from us in PA to Hannah in Idaho, here's a big wave and thank you:

From Olin & Audra

From Canyon

From Kyra

From Isabelle & Caleb

From Katie. Hannah, we're looking forward to whatever game show you and Katie put together next!

Hannah is a student of Karen Keppler-Hoatson, a former studio mate of mine from New England Conservatory (studio of James Buswell). We also both went to Oberlin and studied with Gregory Fulkerson, but at different times.


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