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The Broader Studio

Since we've been in Lock-Down during the Coronavirus pandemic, our studios have kept up a feverish pace of lessons and classes. Maybe "fever" wasn't the most sensitive word to have chosen just now, sorry about that. Thankfully, we've all been healthy. Most students are working harder than ever and seeing their faces has kept me motivated to do all I can for them during this unprecedented time. Some opportunities have arisen to broaden our community. For example, at our annual Pre-College Studio, we welcomed alums Jason Hurwitz, Sadie Kenny, Irene Ganahl, and Sarah Reif who attended our Virtual Recital and offered reflections and inspirational comments for each of the performers.

Jason is living and working in Williamsport, gigging and working for Kades Margolis, Sadie beamed in from San Fransisco where she's a 7th grade English teacher at KIPP Heritage Academy, Irene is finishing up at Wellesley College, starting med school soon, and Sarah Reif logged in from upstate NY where she's finishing her sophomore year, virtually, at Case Western.

Isabelle and Charles Kim created this Photoshop rendition of our annual photo:

My friend Karen Keppler Hoatsen (studio mates at NEC and generational studio mates at Oberlin) beamed in and it was great to connect with her! Lots of other families were there, too. Here's the "guest book" from the event:


14:54:41 From Christa Berezowskyj : So nice to see even a little bit of this! Hi, Dr. Wiley!! ♥️ 14:55:17 From Christa Berezowskyj : sounds great, everyone! -Christa Berezowskyj Class of 2011 14:58:25 From Dave & Sara Kelley : Yay, Katie! 14:58:59 From Rich Delsite : good luck Mason 15:00:59 From Rich Delsite : great job Mason 15:01:23 From Crystal Duron : great job Mase! 15:27:49 From Roger-Wava : GREAT JOB Canyon!!!! 15:46:29 From Karen S. : Great job Audra and Olin!! Thank you for sharing this experience with us! 15:46:52 From McIlwaine : thank you 15:54:57 From Nancy Long : Great Job Brendan! Proud of you! 15:55:40 From Grace Kenny : Great job Brendan! So happy to hear you play! (Mrs. Kenny) 16:10:41 From Nancy Long : Wonderful job Everyone! 16:15:36 From jones_a : Lewisburg Kiddos! Wonderful Job! Great job! So cool to watch you play. Frederick, Mrs. Jones and I enjoyed watching and listening :) 16:15:57 From Dave & Sara Kelley : Thank you, Jennifer, for making this happen even with all of the challenges! 16:22:52 From Jason Hurwitz, MBA : Bravo everyone!! 16:23:12 From Grace Kenny : Lovely recital!! So fun! 16:23:27 From sadiekenny : Awesome job everyone thanks so much for playing! 16:23:43 From Nancy Long : Jennifer…what a great recital! Thanks for allowing us to attend! 16:23:53 From Karen Hoatson : She looks the same from college!!! 16:24:18 From sadiekenny : Yes to JSW! You’re the best! 16:25:04 From Sammi Zeigler : Great job everyone!👍 Thank you, Dr. Wiley!


Other fun evenings were this past week, in our virtual classes. Andrew Jones and Grace Kenny ran performance classes for students who had full pieces ready. Canyon, Hasong, and Isabelle performed (different solos from their recital pieces just a few days ago!). Briana, Isaiah, Madeline, and Gretta also played. Gretta's gearing up for her sophomore jury, and the seniors are planning a Virtual Recital Evening (with more surprise alums) on 4/30. I neglected to get a photo from that fantastic evening! But I couldn't stop smiling.

We also had a zany evening of 15-minute "Learning Cells", combining students who are learning the same pieces. The last session of the night featured 8th grade Isabelle, learning Dvorak Romance with the help of the Heinly sisters: Briana (SU senior), and Kierra (SU prospective student), logging in from Mechanicsburg. SU alum Valerie Smith-Gonzalez was also in attendance.

And there's Valerie's boyfriend, Alex, too! Remember him from the Retreat a few years ago?

Thanks to everyone for being real and present. Your commitment and energy is keeping me grounded.

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