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Bruch work, Survey Results

Gretta and Dr. Jaime Namminga rehearsed valiantly for a Forum that didn't happen yesterday! COVID cases at SU spiked at 9. We had 0 cases for so long! But a first-year music major tested positive and we had to cancel Forum. Gretta's Bruch is in such nice shape! Here they are rehearsing, while also doing a Zoom call with me in which I basically said, "Sounds great!"

No need to despair! We'll include them on Denise Dillenbeck's master class (juries? who cares!) next week. Oh no, just learned that SU is now remote . . . we'll miss you Dr. Namminga! Gratta's now flying solo for this master class which will be all Zoom . . .In other news, survey results are in for what kind of virtual clinic I should offer for the PMEA District 8 Virtual Festival. Kyra and Caleb will be forging ahead as in previous years. New this year are 9th graders Brendan, Isabelle, and Katie. What about Harry? Turns out he's in District 9! I've been working with him on the District 8 Handel D major all summer . . . so he's bravely cramming Fiocco Allegro. Anyway, back to the survey results, the clear winner is "Sight Reading Surprise" (?! I thought you guys hated sight reading!)

Close runner-up: "If this Had been a Real Festival"- in this clinic you'd get excerpts ahead of time. (Maybe you'd prefer not to have to practice?)

An interesting split occurred with the storytelling idea. It looks like one of you (going out on a limb to guess Katie?) really likes the idea of hearing stories in music while the rest of you are like, "NO WAY"

Divided across the board is the "Practice Games" idea, again a concept in which you receive excerpts ahead of time. Not a competitive experience but one in which you'd learn practice techniques. Either the idea is too vague, or you all really have different opinions!

And brining up the rear is conversations about musical culture, interestingly the topic I actually proposed to PMEA initially! I'll be changing that proposal based on your feedback- THANKS!


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