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Busy October

So much has happened this month! Here are some of my favorite photos of students who just wanna have fun:

Above:  Tori and Briana on gig break

Tori and Briana collapse on break during SVC rehearsal (long week! right before Fall break and they'd already had SU Orch that day). And Sarah and Tessa relax after their lovely recital, for which they were stressed out- meaning they are growing up. I started chemo the same weekend as the SVC gig and it was so nice to be surrounded by sweet students and colleagues during that time.

The same day as Sarah and Tessa's recital, we had a master class with Natalie Shaw, from the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble. Here are some group photos from the recital and master class:

SU Studio plus Renee, Brendan, Kendrina

Hannah, Isaiah, Sarah, Tessa, and Longs

Isaiah gets special points for venturing into our Pre-College recital, invited but by no means expected to attend! We were glad he joined us.

The day before the recital was the SU Strings Concert. All really fun things to do before starting the chemo journey. I've decided I enjoy working with a community group very much!

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