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Wrapping up the Summer

Beyond our annual retreat, two videos might be of interest. Spencer gave his Book 1 graduation recital to an international audience, Zoomed to an appreciative family reunion camping in England while siblings, William and I gathered for the in person event in Winfield, PA.

Meanwhile, at Bryn Mawr, Isabelle participated in the Philadelphia International Music Festival, receiving coachings and performing solo, chamber music and orchestra. One of her chamber groups can be heard here at 1:46:02

Canyon and Olin attended a music camp at Elizabethtown college and had a great time! We wrapped up the summer with a trip to Sweet Frog in Lewisburg to say thank you to our mentors. Audra, Canyon, Isabelle, and Olin been dedicated supporters of our younger students for 2 years now. Thanks for all their work!


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