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Special Week in July

Loved our retreat at the Boehret cabins as always this year! Special times with 3 veterans Sarah, Hannah, Tessa. Joined by Brendan, Caleb, Isabelle and first timer Kyra! Visits by Dick Boehret's student, Dick and Meagan with Meg's 2 boys (baby Toby + Jack, age 2). Catherine brought lunch and Tori (God bless her) took a 4 hour detour, spending all day traveling from Halifax. (UGH). road trip in desperation for s'mores ingredients. Surprise visits on last night from bear, skunk, and Amie/Mark Reif! Bike ride with Sarah on the way home. Long (shallow) float and short tube floats. Etude class with audience IN creek. BIG HELP from Rachel Binney who stayed overnight. See more photos here.

Meanwhile, Pre-College and SU alum Seth Boehret's wife gave birth to their second child, Adrian Carter Boehret.

Double meanwhile, Pre-College alums Grace Kenny and Colleen Mahoney were stand partners at the Brevard Music Festival! Program: Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3 and Strauß Alpine Symphony.

Colleen and Grace at Brevard.
Seth Boehret's new baby, Adrian.

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